Walnut Creek Community Service Day

WRECO encourages its employees and their families to volunteer in the community and give back locally. This year’s Walnut Creek Community Service Day features more than 50 projects and offers something for all ages, all interests, and all skills levels. WRECO staff volunteered at the “Make Walnut Creek’s Downtown History Shine Event” and the “Pine Creek Cleanup – Oak Grove Area Event.


Brecken picking up trash by the (mostly) dry creek bed


Jon and Patrick finding empty beer cans and other recyclables next to the edge of the road


WRECO staff and our project leader after we finished creek cleaning all morning


Coastal Cleanup Day at Belmont Creek

WRECO team hard at work Working together to remove shopping cart

WRECO staff added a new dimension to their familiarity with Belmont Creek after focusing efforts this year on the segment of Belmont Creek adjacent to Alameda de las Pulgas at the California Coastal Commission’s Coastal Cleanup Day.  Of the refuse and recyclables cleaned out by WRECO, beer cans, gum wrappers, and cigarette butts were most common.  The catch of the day came in the way of a shopping cart that had been lodged in the creek; it had been within the creek so long that a tree had grown around it.  For WRECO however, it was nothing a little sweat and determination couldn’t dislodge and remove!

Prior to the creek cleanup, staff were familiar with the area through work on a watershed study for a client with facilities located adjacent to the creek.  This watershed study has brought together the many parties that hold jurisdiction over the creek to help determine solutions for flood protection and environmental improvements. 

WRECO’s findings

WRECO President Han-Bin Liang hard at work

Staff engineer Alvin off to find treasure