February 23, 2017, 5:02 pm
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This Valentine’s Day, WRECO staff celebrated by bringing their best baked goods to WRECO’s Annual Valentine’s Day Bake-off.  We had a great turn out with 11 employees enter the competition, and everyone loved being able to take a break in the afternoon to eat and judge sweets. We had a wonderful turnout with cookies, fresh baked scones, tiered cakes, and more.

In 2nd place was the trifle pictured below on the right.


1st place went to the chocolate chiffon heart cake baked by April.



Valentine’s Day Bakeoff 2015
February 19, 2015, 10:49 am
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This year’s Valentine’s Day Bakeoff was a success.  We had 8 different contestants for the prestigious title of best baker in WRECO, and the employees were very excited to try all of the treats.


We had lots to choose from this year.  There was a gluten-free orange chocolate mousse, molasses cookies, chocolate chip cookies, Xiao Long Bao buns, a taro sweet roll, salted peanut butter cookies, honey cake, and red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips.


It was a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an assortment of baked goodies, and the staff enjoyed having an excuse for friendly competition that resulted in with delicious snacks.


The overall winner of the competition was the Orange Chocolate Mousse!  The runner-up was the homemade molasses cookies.