September 19, 2017, 2:07 pm
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This year WRECO held the annual company picnic in Orinda at the Orinda Oaks Park.


WRECO staff brought delicious amounts of food to share including tri-tip, hamburgers, sausages, and more!


Even with a scorching heat wave of over 100 that weekend, the annual picnic was loads of fun for all the staff and families.


Dress Down Day 2017
August 16, 2017, 2:52 pm
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WRECO’s annual Dress Down Day contest was a hit this year, all the offices participated and  WRECO staff enjoyed a day of fun competition on this year’s Dress Down Day. Staff wore a variety of outfits, from tie-dye to fan gear to pajamas in a range of colors.


August 2, 2017, 3:38 pm
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WRECO staff put their bowling skills to the test and cheered each other on at our staff’s bowling night on June 26 at Danville Bowl.

Team 1 Game 1 Game 2 Total
Jeff 76 96 172
Phil 121 161 282
Denny 53 67 120
Analette 107 67 174
Andrew 104 81 185
461 472 933
Team 2  Game 1  Game 2  Total
Kaz 105 151 256
Amy 118 109 227
Ashley 93 63 156
Peter 87 92 179
Chris* 115 113 228
518 528 1046
Team 3  Game 1  Game 2 Total
Wes 86 91 177
Brecken 122 131 253
Patrick 118 118 236
Nigel 76 125 201
Joyce 78 69 147
480 534 1014

The winning team with a combined score out of 2 games of 1046 is Team 2 (Kaz, Amy, Ashley, Peter, and Chris)

The top individual scores for the men and women with scores of 282 and 253 go to Phil and Brecken!

The second to last place individual scores for the men and women go to Jeff and Ashley!IMG_7378


Downtown Walnut Creek is the place to be for St. Patrick’s Day!

WRECO staff tried out a new spot for our St. Patrick’s Day company happy hour this year. Though we missed having cheap green beer, we enjoyed the beautiful weather, craft beers, whiskey, and tasty appetizers at Sauced, a local barbecue joint in Walnut Creek.  It was a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day at work!

November 10, 2016, 11:27 am
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Halloween has come and gone again here at WRECO. WRECO staff enjoyed having Halloween on a Monday this year and many staff dressed up to celebrate.  We had a pumpkin drawing contest to see which group could draw the best designs on their pumpkins as well as out annual costume contest.


A Finding Nemo themed pumpkins


Our Geotechnical Manager Rob was featured as a pumpkin theme


Minion themed pumpkins

Who do you think had the best costume or most creative?


Erica dressed up as the game Operation


Bill Lumberg and Peter from Office Space


Patrick was a T-Rex


The WC office had a great time drawing on pumpkins

Walnut Creek Community Service Day

WRECO encourages its employees and their families to volunteer in the community and give back locally. This year’s Walnut Creek Community Service Day features more than 50 projects and offers something for all ages, all interests, and all skills levels. WRECO staff volunteered at the “Make Walnut Creek’s Downtown History Shine Event” and the “Pine Creek Cleanup – Oak Grove Area Event.


Brecken picking up trash by the (mostly) dry creek bed


Jon and Patrick finding empty beer cans and other recyclables next to the edge of the road


WRECO staff and our project leader after we finished creek cleaning all morning

Mt. Diablo 5K Trail Challenge
April 23, 2015, 9:08 am
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Last Sunday, April 19th, WRECO participated in the Mt. Diablo 5K trail run hosted by Save Mount Diablo.  The run was located in Mt. Diablo Regional Park in the Castle Rock area and it was a hit!  WRECO wanted the opportunity to get out of the office and enhance our fitness while simultaneously helping the non-profit Save Mount Diablo preserve the open space and trails around Walnut Creek.  The trail consisted of climbing up moderately rough terrain and running through 4 different creeks before turning around and doing it all over again.  We found out that part of the Castle Rock area is temporarily closed right now to help facilitate the nesting of a listed species, the peregrine falcon.  Mt. Diablo is home to many indigenous creatures that only live in this area (14 in fact!), and we were proud to help support the preservation of their habitats.

WRECO employees getting ready before the race

WRECO employees getting ready before the race

Han excited to reach the finish line

Han excited to reach the finish line

Cuyler speeding towards the end

Cuyler speeding towards the end

We had a great time and some of our employees turned out to be quite athletic.  Cuyler Stapelmann finished 16th overall, and 2nd in his age group, at a great time of 26 minutes and 13 seconds.  That’s fast!

Everyone was awarded with beautiful medals to remember our accomplishment

Everyone was awarded with beautiful medals to remember our accomplishment